WE WON! (Rather, we advanced, but winning sounds so much more impressive.)

Usually, events never turn out the way that I anticipate. I hype up holidays and parties so much in my mind that I always end up being disasterously disappointed. Or I build something up to be so horrible that, as I described in Back in the Game, I am shocked when I end up enjoying or at least being able to tolerate it. However, regionals ended up being exactly how I expected it to be. I was nervous, excited, petrified, and scared, but it ultimately was a good experience.

You know how after you turn in a huge project, take a final, or do a large presentation you’re always really tired and don’t know how to redirect your energy from the thing that you’ve been working so hard on for ages? Add on an awful visit to the doctor and that’s how I feel right now.

I’m going to post more about today’s victory tomorrow when I am not so worn out.