Four-Thirty And Wide Awake

I just pulled an un-intentional all-nighter. I got into bed at midnight and laid there trying to go to sleep for an hour and half, at which point I decided to do some reading to relax. Three hours later, I was still wide-awake and feeling increasingly energetic. And, to the best of my understanding, that’s not the way that things are supposed to work. Four thirty is for sleeping, not mentally going over the years of Supreme Court civil rights cases. So I waved the white flag of surrender and got up.

For the past two hours, I’ve been immersed in my AP Government and Politics coursework as I’ve watched the sky change from light-polluted-black to this funny spectrum of muddy-yellow to green-blue to deeper blue with long, flat clouds creating darker stripes. I’m perched precariously in a desk chair getting my feet nudged and nipped by three hungry cats as I peer out of the study window, past the black silhouettes of the trees, to the hazy, grey City skyline. People are already bustling around there, climbing onto buses, sliding their metro cards as they push through the gates. They’ve all got places to go.

Here, though, it’s all quiet. A few dog owners have run or power-walked up the hill, hurrying up to the reservation. I’d go too, but it’s cold and the snow and ice would make the trip up the mountain too difficult. Instead of sitting with my knees pulled up to my chest on my favorite mass of boulders, I’m inside, feeling foolish.

5 thoughts on “Four-Thirty And Wide Awake

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